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The Basic Information Awareness Program introduces users of each organization's information systems about the risks of the digital age. The purpose of this program is to raise awareness of the entire personnel, to identify the risks and threats that target an information system, so that they respond appropriately. 


  1. his program includes an Assessment Questionnaire.  

  2. This program addressed to entire personnel of the Organization/Company. 

  3. Upon successful completion of the program, the user receives a certificate of attendance. 

  4. The program is provided in Greek and / or English language. 

  5. Employee training is conducted through the advanced "isAWARE" training platform. The isAWARE platform is designed to provide participants with a unified, robust, secure and integrated learning management system, with an interactive and user-friendly environment. 



Basic Information Security Awareness Training


    • The importance of Information Security  

    • Information Security Principles  

    • Proper Use of Information Systems & Mobile Devices 

    • Proper Use of Web  

    • Proper Use of Email 

    • What is Social Engineering  

    • Set Strong Passwords  

    • The benefits of Physical Security 

    • Secure Work from Home 

    • Malware & Protection Against It  

    • Information Security Incident Handling 

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